Features that API programmes need to succeed
Enterprise level functionality, designed to complement business processes and reduce complexity.
Full API Lifecycle management
From capturing of ideas for APIs, through to the deprecation and retirement of published APIs, the entire lifecycle of an API can be captured, managed and measured.
Did you know? Apiway cloud assists teams to publish their APIs with a consistent versioning scheme by analysing an APIs changes from one design to the next, to ensure that consumers have the easiest upgrade pathways when using your APIs.
API Consumer management
Know your consumer, manage your relationship with them, measure their usage and control the impact they have on your APIs.
API Gateway integration
Apiway cloud interacts with your API gateway so your users don't have to.
Process governance
All data and API gateway operations are controlled by Apiway's sophisticated governance engine. Any action that presents a risk
Did you know? Apiway cloud displays a visual representation of the governance process to users, so they can easily understand where delays may be occurring and when their request will be actioned.
Complete customisation of organisational structure
Every organisation is different. Apiway cloud allows any organisational structure to be represented to users, so they navigate the platform using familiar names and layouts.
Multi-gateway compatibility
Apiway cloud is API gateway vendor agnostic. Expose your APIs via multiple gateway instances from different vendors if required.
OpenSLA compatibility
Describe an APIs operational capabilities to inspire a consumers confidence in an API, or understand a consumers needs and enable capacity planning.
Data level RBAC
Easily control who can do what with which data. Tightly integrated with the organisational structure Apiway Cloud's RBAC capabilities keep data safe and users empowered.
Developer Portal
Inspire and inform consumers with this powerful API discovery portal. Allowing collaboration on API ideas and beautiful visualisation of an APIs contract, consumers can discover, learn and integrate quickly and easily.
Did you know? The developer portal supports OpenSLA contracts also, meaning consumers can understand if an API will perform to their requirements, as well as the more usual functional or data capabilities of the API.
Design assistance
Apiway's automated design assistance provides API designers with suggestions on how to improve their APIs. It's instant feedback dramatically reduces the latency that manual reviews introduce to the design process.
API Mocks
Allow consumers to start integrating with an API, even before the development team have finished, with the API mock feature. Based on the OpenAPI specification for an API Apiway cloud can present a functionally accurate endpoint for consumers to test against.
Apiway cloud unobtrusively collects metrics from all areas of the API lifecycle. These are aggregated and presented in a clear business context, allowing API strategy and decisions to be based on accurate and relevant data.
and many more..
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